AAN Member Benefits


The Association of Alternative Newsmedia is a nonprofit organization representing more than 100
alternative publications and their multi-platform businesses in the United States and Canada. When you
become a member of AAN, you join the most well-informed and well-connected community for the
independent news industry.

AAN focuses on areas that impact our members the most: influencing public policy, helping the member
new organizations grow revenue and audience, and communicating to external constituencies the story of
our changing industry. We understand that the new realities of the media industry, and we want to
accelerate our members’ success and ensure their vitality.

The benefits of membership are many – AAN offers strategy and skill-building workshops, a content
exchange system and group rates on liability coverage and circulation audits. There is great power in a
united coalition with common goals, and AAN represents the interests of alternative publications through
partnerships with companies that support our members missions and day-to-day operations. AAN
members can also take advantage of free or group-rate services for classified ads, job boards and
touchscreen publishing. Most importantly, AAN members support one another by sharing ideas and
solutions to problems many alternative media outlets face.

AAN’s member publications are instinctive experimenters – they’ve made their names as agile
trendsetters, ready to jump on new ideas in business. And, they enjoy a reputation of independent,
thoughtful voices within our communities. Our association and members combination ethos is – edgy and
forward thinking, community and local committed, but digitally savvy and business minded.

AAN helps grow your business and your brand

At AAN, we know that smart, profitable business development is a necessity for alt weeklies, especially
as industry needs have shifted from print-only to a multifaceted approach that includes print, digital, live
events, and mobile.

AAN provides solutions and makes agreements with vendors to take advantage of our size and scale. We
have a national reach with a local touch, thanks to a membership of alt-weekly organizations across
the U.S. and Canada. We craft flexible media packages that work for both our members and our advertisers.
Through our Moneyworks solutions center, we also provide strategies and tools to increase and maintain

AAN protects your interests in Washington

AAN serves as a powerful collective voice on the industry’s behalf in Washington, fighting for – or against
– legislation and regulations that affect how you do business. We provide government agencies and
Congress with a sophisticated, contemporary view of the media landscape to help inform debate and
decisions on a range of issues.

AAN helps you grow as a leader

The association provides strategies and tools to fortify leadership and our members’ futures. We focus on
training for leadership succession and transition success, talent management strategies, performance
improvement practices and people problem solutions. We provide consultation on other issues on an asneeded

AAN tells your story

AAN maintains a dialogue with our industry’s key audiences. We regularly communicate the alternative
newsmedia history, current trends and value story to advertisers, agencies, the local business and trade
media, and consumers.

AAN understands the need for fresh editorial thinking to engage new audiences and expand brand
impact, focusing on beneficial partnerships and expanding influence on community development,
commerce and discourse.

AAN is a fantastic resource

The association serves as an ongoing resource for the robust exchange of information and ideas through
the following resources:

AAN Email Groups – Conversations and tips from hundreds of your colleagues across North America.

Legal Hotline – We provide a free hotline that allows members to access help on legal topics that impact
their business, such as free speech and copyright issues.

Indie Ads Network – AAN’s network attracts advertising from national political advocacy groups.

Events – We organize a number of different events to allow our members to network and get the training
they need, including our annual convention, a digitally-focused conference and a leadership conference
specifically tailored for publishers and senior managers.