Pacific Northwest Inlander Launches Redesign

First new look since 1993

The Pacific Northwest Inlander has a new look today, a complete redesign by award-winning graphic designer Mark Evans.

In addition to new cover graphic treatment for the Spokane, Wash., weekly, the redesign includes new features, editorial columns, classified sections and an expanded calendar.

“After briefly considering doing this redesign ourselves, we decided to call a professional,” Publisher Ted S. McGregor, Jr., writes in today’s Inlander.

After consulting Skip Berger at Seattle Weekly, McGregor hired Evans, a designer at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who has worked for other AAN member papers, such as Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, Baltimore City Paper and the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Evans, writing in today’s Inlander, says the Inlander had “grown up and out of its nine-year-old design.”

Evans says he concentrated on the nameplate first, replacing the serif font with a sans serif called Interstate, which he describes as “very much like the offspring of Franklin Gothic and Helvetica with one more twist – its ascenders and descenders are cut off at 45-degree angles.” It’s the same font used on the ubiquitous Interstate system signs, he says.

He chose classic Baskerville for the text font, citing its readability and how it “contrasts with display type.”

“So here’s your brand-new, same-old Inlander,” he writes. “Enjoy.”

To view the new cover design, click here. To read McGregor’s column, click here.