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Shordio provides the tools to record and distribute an article as audio, recorded by the person who wrote it, and allows you to embed the audio alongside the written. Some publications are using text-to-voice translators to do this. Still, as good as some of the AI is, it can’t replicate the tone and resonance and emotion of a person communicating and connecting with another person.

Vendasta supports media organizations with the platform and products they need to complement their traditional advertising sales with digital products that help local advertisers get found online. Sell and scale digital revenue with ease, innovate your digital offerings and upskill your team to succeed in selling digital. Partner with Vendasta to receive the resources, and coaching your team needs to sell digital solutions to local advertisers.

The Lenfest Institute for Journalism is creating solutions for the next era of local news by working at the intersection of local journalism and community in Philadelphia’s news ecosystem and nationwide. Our industry newsletter covers innovative ideas in journalism, including editorial strategy, business models, news products and more. Solution Set features long-form case studies on specific projects from news organizations nationwide and resources you can apply in your newsroom. Sign up here.

Stacker is a storytelling partner for Local and National-level news publishers. Our journalists create compelling, research-driven, evergreen features that contextualize the world’s events and bolster our partner publishers’ coverage and reach efforts. Contact Stacker for more info.

High-quality newsletters drive high-quality engagement. But doing them consistently has been expensive and time-consuming — until now. Letterhead makes it easy to create, send, and monetize great newsletters at scale– automatically.