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BlueDot Living

Website: https://bluedotliving.com/


Bluedot Living, is an award-winning print and digital publication with a collection of local newsletters, specialty newsletters, and a national newsletter, featuring lifestyle ideas to help people take actions where they live to lead healthier, more sustainable lives. The publications help readers understand local issues around climate change and are designed to engage readers with hopeful stories by featuring people making a difference—problem-solvers, beekeepers, regenerative farmers, scientists, recipe developers, electrical vehicle owners, innovators, and environmental leaders. Even the smallest actions can make a big impact by inspiring hope and providing a model for others to take steps in the right direction. Bluedot’s growing network of reporters around North America file a steady stream of Dispatches about what people are doing in small towns and big cities everywhere. The print magazine, launched in 2020 on Bluedot Living Martha’s Vineyard, reaches a summer audience of 50,000 readers. The new national Bluedot Living: At Home on Earth digital publication, “The Hub,” reaches 10,000 readers with a bi-weekly newsletter. The Bluedot Living Brooklyn (launched Dec. 2022 in partnership with the Brooklyn Eagle) reaches an audience of 60,000 readers with a bi-weekly newsletter. In 2023, Bluedot will launch in Los Angeles, San Diego and five other cities in addition to specialty newsletters, Bluedot Marketplace and Bluedot Kitchen. (February 2023)

Contact: Publications Director, Jamie Kageliery at Jamie@Bluedotliving.com