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Miami New Times

Work Phone: (305) 576-8000 Website: http://www.miaminewtimes.com


When New Times purchased a small fortnightly newspaper in late 1987, the Miami metropolitan area was served by two dailies, populated with aging retirees, begging for tourists and struggling to invent a place called South Beach. And, of course, it all moved to a Latin beat.

Today the Latin beat remains, but a couple of other things have changed. There is only one daily paper. The median age has dropped dramatically. Tourists come to play all year round. South Beach’s nightlife scene is world-famous. And Miami New Times has become the area’s essential compendium of news and entertainment information for residents and visitors alike.

Drawing on the talents of an accomplished editorial staff recruited nationwide, New Times has established a reputation for compelling stories that are ignored or overlooked by major media, for insightful coverage of local arts and entertainment, and for unflinching exposure of Miami’s steamy political life. That reputation for high-caliber journalism has spread beyond South Florida: The paper has won more than a hundred first-place awards for editorial excellence, statewide and nationally. Miami New Times is still young and dynamic — and like the city it serves, it moves to a Latin beat.