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North Bay Bohemian

Work Phone: (707) 527-1200 Website: http://www.bohemian.com


Based in the beautiful Sonoma County wine country, the North Bay Bohemian is steeped in tradition but is by no means stodgy. Its name pays homage to the literary movement that figured prominently in cultural development north of the Golden Gate in the years following the California gold rush. The journalists, poets and novelists loosely identified as bohemians preferred art, literature and political discourse to the aggressive material culture of their day. Successor movements with bohemian flavor—environmentalism, the Beats and hippies, the sexual revolution, California cuisine and cyberculture—were similarly catalyzed by their synergy with this important area. Bohemian readers like to stay current with the area’s culinary and wine culture, keep tabs on the music and art scenes and gain perspective on the changes transforming the area. No one embodies the North Bay spirit better than the Bohemian, a favorite of smart, independent-minded readers for more than two decades.