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Philadelphia Gay News

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Founded by Publisher Mark Segal in 1976, Philadelphia Gay News has been a part of Philadelphia’s thriving LGBTQ+ community for decades. When no other media outlet was covering the AIDS crisis, PGN did. When many of our community members were closeted for fear of safety, PGN was a visible and reliable source of news. As a community newspaper, PGN’s mission is to be a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to communicate with each other on various viewpoints, as well as to communicate with the mainstream community. PGN reaches out to, builds rapport with and listens to its readers and supporters — and critics. We strive to make the LGBTQ+ community more informed about resources in the community and to educate the non-gay community on who we are. Like any group, the LGBTQ+ community needs a communications tool to keep abreast of areas of concern, such as health issues and legislation, and to celebrate our successes.