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Photo of San Luis Obispo New Times

San Luis Obispo New Times

Work Phone: (805) 546-8208 Website: http://www.newtimesslo.com/


New Times is one of the great success stories of California’s Central Coast. We started in 1986 with nothing more than one Macintosh computer and three hard-working partners who wouldn’t listen when everyone told them they were crazy to start a weekly newspaper. New Times is now the most sought-after publication in the region reaching 114,000 readers each week.

New Times readers are treated to the liveliest mix of news, opinion, and arts coverage in San Luis Obispo County–plus the most extensive events calendar anywhere. New Times continues to innovate, both graphically and editorially, and it is this sense of experimentation that remains at the core of our success. New Times reporters also consistently scoop the local daily paper with hard-hitting stories.

New Times readers continue to tell us they couldn’t get through a week without us. Sure, we like the accolades, but the main reason we keep our mouths shut is because we know exactly what they mean. New Times has become a major ingredient not just in the local media mix, but in the lives of thousands of our discerning, outspoken, and sometimes downright argumentative readers.