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Back in 1977, Denver was booming. Thousands of Baby Boomers were fleeing the coasts, lured to Colorado by the climate, the scenery, the promise of endlessly flowing Coors. But with the deluge came a dilemma: so many young, active people — and so little that told them what was happening in their increasingly dynamic city. That’s why we started Westword.

Twenty-five years later, Denver is again booming, welcoming another generation of young adults lured by the climate, the scenery, the country’s highest concentration of microbreweries. Westword captures the city for this group, too.

Every week, Westword serves up stories on everything from dirty political deals to great entertainment steals, the hottest new bands to the latest consumer scams, backed by gutsy reporting, stylish writing, and the most comprehensive calendar listings along Colorado’s Front Range. In college classrooms and corporate offices alike, the papers are snatched up by faithful readers who appreciate hard-hitting, award-winning journalism. And beer.