Metro Launches Blog Site

Accuses gubernatorial candidate Angelides of photo theft

Metro, Silicon Valley’s Weekly Newspaper, has launched the blog site SV411 at the URL

The site contains reporting and commentary on news and related events in the Silicon Valley, California region.

SV411’s debut comes at a good time from a news standpoint, with nasty elections underway for county district attorney and mayor of San Jose.

The site kicked off with some bold predictions. “If the mayor doesn’t get indicted or resign this month, we’ll look kind of dumb,” admits the Metro group’s executive editor, Dan Pulcrano.

SV411 also published a blog accusing the Democratic nominee for California governor, Phil Angelides, of ripping off a photograph from the newspaper’s other web site, Metroactive. The Angelides campaign used the photo of its primary opponent, Steve Westly, hugging governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an attack ad called “Twins.” The spot aired on California television stations in early June.

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