Syndicated sex columnist Amy Alkon knows how to get her man -- and manners. Recently, when a cafe patron sitting within earshot chatted too loudly on her cell phone, Alkon recorded and published details of the conversation, including the woman's name, telephone number, and plans for the afternoon. When the Wall Street Journal reported the incident but disguised Alkon's identity, Alkon wrote about that, too, taking credit for her coffeeshop intervention. She is scheduled to appear tonight on ABC's Nightline to discuss the "undermannered" and how to deal with them.

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Amy Alkon isn't shy about expressing her opinion, as anyone who reads her syndicated column "The Advice Goddess" knows. In a July 13 blog post, Alkon offered her thoughts on a cancer-stricken teenager who was fighting a legal battle to take herbal treatment in lieu of chemotherapy. She was upset at the boy's "idiot parents" for backing him. Forrest MacGregor, the teenager's uncle, read her post and retaliated by purchasing the domain names,,,, and The Advice Goddess posted an e-mail she received from MacGregor on her blog, and offered him the following bit of guidance: "Do I really seem like a good person to fuck with? Hmmm, real genius there, Forrest. Forrest, so I'm a big meanie. Don't you have a life or anything? Don't you have anything better to do?"

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Syndicated columnist Amy Alkon, Advice Goddess, has some advice for SUV owners: ditch that roadhog and get a life. From her home base in Venice, Calif., she began placing small printed cards on the windsheids of SUVs that read: "Road-hogging, gas-guzzling, air-fouling vulgarian! Clearly you have an extremely small penis or you wouldn't drive such a monstrosity. " Since she wrote up the campaign in New Times Los Angeles, along with the responses she's been getting to a telephone number printed on the card, the movement has spread. She's been written up as far away as Britain.

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