"Twelve years is too long for a writer to stay anywhere, particularly in the field of alternative journalism," Greg Land says in his farewell column. He’s off to different pastures, leaving his spot at Creative Loafing to "new blood."

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Mara Shalhoup got a lead on a story that's all-too-familiar, and nearly always ignored by the dailies. Tim Peck, a freelance computer guy, walked down the street from his home to get a carry-out burger at the Fox & Hounds. He left the premises in an ambulance with two broken legs after an altercation with off-duty Sheriff's Deputy Kelvin Smith. Creative Loafing's exclusive opens Deputy Smith's personnel file, and it's packed with similar incidents. Shalhoup spent a month researching and writing the story after waiting a month before Peck would agree to talk to her.

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Ben Eason, president of Creative Loafing Inc., tells the Atlanta Business Chronicle that John Sugg will "set [Atlanta] on fire" when he arrives later this month. Sugg is moving to Atlanta from Tampa, Fla., to help improve Creative Loafing Atlanta's investigative writing and to write his own column, Eason tells the business paper.

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John Sugg will leave Tampa in late August to become senior editor at the company’s flagship paper, Atlanta’s Creative Loafing. Senior editor “in our lexicon means that I’ll be the lead writer and that I’ll be building and leading the writing team,” says Sugg, who is "second on the masthead" under the paper's editor, Ken Edelstein.

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