Replacing David Blum as editor-in-chief of the Press is Jerry Portwood, who was previously the paper's managing editor. Blum becomes editor of 02138, the bi-monthly magazine acquired in May by Press parent company Manhattan Media. Blum's move coincides with a major re-launch of the luxury lifestyle magazine for Harvard alumni.

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Back in 1982, Press editor David Blum -- who was then a Wall Street Journal reporter -- was part of a team that published the one-off satire Off the Wall Street Journal, and now he and the Press have published the sequel: My Wall Street Journal, which is published "in honor of Rupert Murdoch's ever-expanding media empire." The project brings Murdoch's tabloid sensibilities to the legendary paper, with results like a full-page spread of a bare-breasted Ann Coulter; a gossip section entitled "Page Sex;" and headlines such as "Cleaning Lady Sees Virgin in Merrill-Lynch Q4 Loss." The team also produced a fake YouTube video of Murdoch reacting to My Wall Street Journal. Read more from the New York Times and Editor & Publisher.

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The Press' Becca Tucker stalked the My So-Called Life star in an effort to show just how easy it is to stalk celebrities in New York City, but Danes wasn't thrilled, according to Gawker. Jeff Berg, the chairman of International Creative Management, which represents Danes, called editor David Blum on Friday and asked him to redact online a reference to the street where she lives. "He got very hostile," Blum says, noting that Berg asked, "What are you going to do, print her phone number next?" The paper did keep her building number out of the story, by redacting it from a direct quote from New York magazine, which gives her full address online. "I'm no more inclined to print her phone number than to print her exact street address," Blum says.

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The Washington Post media columnist's new book Reality Show: Inside the Last Great Television News War has the Beltway buzzing after being partially leaked on the Drudge Report this weekend. "Kurtz's story was treated as big news -- but the substance, and some of the language as well, was no different from New York Press editor-in-chief David Blum's 2004 book, Tick... Tick... Tick..: The Long Life and Turbulent Times of 60 Minutes," according to Gawker. The big scoop from Kurtz was that Dan Rather threatened to take his Bush/National Guard documents -- which ultimately cost him his anchor chair at CBS -- to the New York Times, which was included in the 2005 paperback edition of Blum's book. Kurtz says he never saw that edition of the book. "Good for him for getting there first," he tells Gawker. "I'm a fanatic about giving credit, which is why my book is filled with footnotes, but you can't do that if you've never seen the information." That's all fine and good, but it leaves the New York Observer to wonder: Will Kurtz "continue to tout the anecdote as a 'scoop' in his upcoming appearances supporting the book?"

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Manhattan Media has named Blum editor-in-chief of New York Press as well as editorial director of the company's community newspaper group, the New York Times reports. When he starts the job Sept. 5, Blum's first task "will be to compete more vigorously with The Voice," where he served as editor for six months ending this March. "I want to make The Press as fresh and unpredictable as possible," he says. "I tried to do that at The Village Voice, but I didn't have enough time at The Voice to achieve the goals that I had at the paper. But here I will." In his interview with the Times, Blum also takes the opportunity to take a shot at his new competition and former employer for its out-of-town ownership. "I am excited to be working with a publisher and an owner who lives in New York, who knows the city extremely well," he says. "I think that will be a big plus for The Press -- and for me."

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"My job as editor in chief of The Village Voice was not all spent putting out the newspaper, but also keeping people happy thousands of miles away," Blum tells the New York Observer. Blum says he received frequent calls and e-mails from VVM headquarters about running the paper. An unnamed Voice staffer tells the Observer it wasn't clear the j-school adjunct was "comfortable in the editor role," noting he was more at ease with recent hires from Columbia Univ. than with longtime Voice staffers.

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Despite earlier reports that Blum was fired as a result of comments he made at a staff meeting last week, Voice spokesperson Maggie Shnayerson tells AP that the meeting was only a "catalyst" for the editor's dismissal. "It was not a decision that was reached in any kind of knee-jerk way," says Shnayerson. Blum's response to concerns about racial diversity that were raised during the meeting may have offended some people, Voice staff writer Wayne Barrett confirms, but everyone seems to agree that his remarks weren't a firing offense. "There were disagreements about the amount of emphasis he had given so far to hiring minorities," an unnamed staffer tells the New York Times. "There was nothing said in that meeting by David Blum that was racist."

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At a Friday afternoon meeting, Village Voice staffers were told that Blum was "no longer the editor of the paper" as a result of unspecified comments he made that were "unacceptable," according to Gawker. Radar reports that Bill Jensen, director of Web and digital operations for Village Voice Media, has been named interim editor.

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Jeff Koyen accuses the Village Voice's new editor of failing to reinvent the alt-weekly format in his first three months on the job. "I'm ashamed to admit that I was optimistic when Blum was hired to run the Village Voice," Koyen writes in the British daily Guardian. "Unfortunately, Blum is playing by the book." Koyen, who approves of the "cleaned house" that followed the Voice's acquisition by the New Times chain, formerly competed with the Manhattan alt-weekly when he worked for a number years at the New York Press, where he was editor from 2003 to 2005.

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