AIDS Walk Boston, which took place last weekend, turned 25 this year, and to mark the milestone, walk organizer AIDS Action honored 25 individuals whose contributions to the fight against AIDS have been invaluable. Phoenix publisher Bradley Mindich was one of them. He was lauded for his decision to distribute safer sex kit in every issue of the paper in 1987, as well as the Phoenix's long association with the AIDS Walk. After distributing the kit, Mindich was called a "murderer" in the pages of the Boston Herald and Boston Archdiocese newspaper The Pilot for making birth control freely available, according to AIDS Action.

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From The Pope to The Situation, from Glenn Beck to Tiger Woods, the Phoenix has rolled out its annual list of the year's 100 unsexiest men. "Nike's robotically perfect pitchman took that whole 'Just Do It' slogan a smidge too literally -- with virtually any hooker, cocktail waitress, golf groupie, substitute teacher, den mother, and rodeo clown within a chip shot of his 5-iron," the Phoenix says of Woods, who took top honors this year. "Making matters worse, to repair his nuked image, he hired evil former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer as his public-relations caddy."

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Three AAN members took home plenty of awards in this year's New England Newspaper and Press Association Better Newspaper Contest. Boston Phoenix staff writer Mike Miliard was named Weekly Journalist of the Year (judges said he was "obviously a very versatile and talented journalist") as part of the Phoenix's haul of 18 total awards, including 11 first-place wins. Worcester Mag took home nine awards, with five first-place finishes, while Burlington's Seven Days finished first in three categories and won seven total awards.

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The Phoenix was surprised to learn -- via a press release -- that the liner notes to Juliana Hatfield's new album Peace and Love were written by "Boston Phoenix music editor James Parker." Problem is, while Parker does contribute to the alt-weekly, he "spends most of his hours these days toiling for the Atlantic Monthly" and definitely is not the paper's music editor, Carly Carioli notes. "I was wondering why my chair felt a little tight," music editor Michael Brodeur says when asked about Parker's sudden promotion.

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In his latest book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, the controversial Fox News host reflects on his days attending Boston University in the 1970s. He notes that once he was bitten by the journalism bug, he started being published in Boston's alt-weeklies. "I ran around Boston annoying the hell out of everyone, but bringing back good, crisp copy," O'Reilly writes. "In addition to the Free Press [BU's student paper], I got stuff published in the Boston Phoenix and the Real Paper. Then, I recycled the articles into class assignments. Somehow, this worked out great. How could I get a bad grade if somebody had paid me for a piece and it ran on page two?"

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James Parker's essay in the Boston Phoenix -- "Unauthorized! Axl Rose, Albert Goldman, and the renegade art of rock biography" -- has been selected for the annual book that the Phoenix says has "become, next to free Radiohead tickets, the rock critic's highest professional honor." Rebecca Schoenkopf's piece on Hall & Oates for the now-defunct LA CityBeat is also included in the book, which won't be out until October.

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Last week, the Boston Phoenix's parent company announced it was cutting salaries across the board and laying off six employees. Turns out one of those being laid off is special to AAN: Phoenix senior managing editor and former AAN president Clif Garboden. "This place has given me the opportunity -- on the job, and in AAN -- to work with hundreds of intelligent and committed people you'd never encounter in the real world," he says. "Many of them were also crazy, of course, but that can have its charms."

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The Boston Phoenix and its sister publications are the latest alt-weeklies to cut expenses as the media industry struggles through the recession. The parent company laid off six employees, suspended its 401K matches and cut salaries across the board, with the highest-paid employees giving up considerably more than the lowest.

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