Cincinnati CityBeat has purchased a six-story downtown building and is now looking for "like-minded" tenants to share the space, the Cincinnati Business Courier reports. CityBeat will pay $790,000 for the building where Hank Williams once recorded. "We just thought it would be better to buy. It was a good deal. It's a really good building, and we wanted to stay downtown," Co-Publisher and Editor John Fox tells the business paper.

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In an internal memo posted on Jim Romenesko's Media News Web site, Metro Newspapers asks its staff members for feedback on a proposed 5% pay cut, which it says is necessary to reduce the need for layoffs. According to the memo, company officers have already taken a 20% reduction in compensation, and top managers voted to cut their own pay by 10%.

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Philadelphia City Paper's Howard Altman lets The Inquirer's Tony Ridder have it right between the eyes. the daily is laying off editorial staff due to financial woes. Altman gives Ridder some advice on surviving a downturn –– ditch the focus groups, concentrate on the city not the 'burbs, bring the reporters back when times improve and don't abandon foreign reporting.

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