John Citrone had been appearing each Wednesday on WJXT-TV to preview weekly entertainment options in Jacksonville, Fla., but his segment on the show was canceled yesterday after he made comments on-air that were "very inappropriate and insensitive," according to the station. "Do we really care if Georgia burns?" Citrone asked jokingly about recent brush fires that have afflicted that state. Reached by AAN News, Citrone explains that the question was asked "in a Groucho Marx-y" way, and was in keeping with his on-air shtick as "the crazy alt-weekly guy." Folio Weekly's managing editor admits he was unaware of the severity of the fires, and says his only intention was to have a little fun with an interstate rivalry. He offered to apologize on-air later in the broadcast but WJXT declined, although they included his written apology in a story about the incident posted on their website. Citrone tells AAN News that when he has had an opportunity to apologize to individuals who were upset by his comment, most have been understanding and supportive.

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