Holly Mullen was most recently a columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune, where she resigned in December after one of her columns was pulled by a Tribune editor. She was previously a staff writer at AAN-member papers Twin Cities Reader (from 1990-1993) and the Dallas Observer (1995-1998). Mullen replaces Ben Fulton, who is on a leave of absence, but may return to the paper in a different position, according to City Weekly officials. On her blog, Mullen says she's "crazy-excited" about her new job. "I like the idea of heading up a newspaper that, instead of constantly ruminating and stressing over how to gain readers in the elusive 18-34 age category, tries to attract them with basic, good journalism," she says.

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In response to complaints, Provo's city library stopped carrying Salt Lake City Weekly. Now, in response to complaints about the paper's disappearance, the library is reconsidering its previous decision, reports the Associated Press (via Editor & Publisher). SLC Weekly Editor Ben Fulton tells the AP: "We would hope they would still carry our paper for the reading public that is interested in what we have to offer." But, he concedes, "In a county where Rodin sculptures can cause offense, one person's ceiling is another person's floor."

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After working at the paper for over a decade and filling in as interim editor on three separate occasions, the veteran Admissions Committee member is named to replace John Yewell. There are two Ben Fultons, says Publisher John Saltas: The one who "has a special rapport with budding writers and the respect of veteran wordsmiths," and the "worry-wort" who "is consumed with the curse of being only nearly perfect."

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