When asked about the future of his "Life in Hell" comic strip, which runs in a number of alt-weeklies but has been dropped by some recently, the Simpsons creator says alt-cartoonists are "at the bottom of the food chain," but that he remains hopeful about the industry. "It seems to me that if you have a publication with a strategy, with some enthusiasm, and some design sense, I think there is a way of keeping it alive," Groening tells The Onion's A.V. Club.

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The Simpsons creator and longtime alt-weekly cartoonist tells CNN that, after 22 years, "Life in Hell" is being dropped by its flagship paper. The cut is part of Village Voice Media's suspension of all syndicated cartoons. Groening hints he's thinking of discontinuing the cartoon. "I'm still in a bunch of other papers, so I may continue to do my strip," he says, "but it doesn't look good."

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