Westword staff writer David Holthouse won't face criminal charges for allegedly having a friend follow a man he accused of raping him when he was a child. The man and his wife had contacted police when they noticed they were being followed, but the case fell apart when they refused to help prosecutors, John Ingold reports in the Denver Post. Holthouse defended his decision to have the man followed in an interview with 9News reporter Paula Woodward.

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Bob Grant, district attorney for Broomfield and Adams counties in Colorado, told the Denver Post's Sean Kelly Tuesday that David Holthouse's arrest was based solely on the suspicion that he followed an unnamed man over the weekend. The person Holthouse is accused of stalking is the man he says raped him when he was a 7-year-old. The 33-year-old Westword reporter is free on $2,500 bond.

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At age 7, Westword reporter David Holthouse was raped by the teenage son of his parents' friends. A year ago, he became obsessed with the idea of finding and killing the man who had darkened his childhood, in order to prevent him from harming others. And then Holthouse's parents discovered one of his childhood diaries, and the secret was out.

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