Writers from the Chicago Reader, L.A. Weekly and Westword all took home top prizes at this year's James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards, which recognize excellence in food writing. The Reader's Cliff Doerksen won in the Newspaper Feature Writing category for his feature on mince pie, and Westword's Jared Jacang Maher came out on top in the Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs category for his piece on the pay-what-you-want SAME Cafe. Meanwhile, the Weekly's Pulitzer-winning food critic Jonathan Gold added another awards notch to his belt with a win in the Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews category.

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Tom Martino, a nationally syndicated talk radio host and Denver-area TV personality known as The Troubleshooter, recently went after Westword writer Jared Jacang Maher for a story Maher had written on him. Problem was, in his video attacking Maher as a "cowardly writer," Martino grabbed a picture off the internet of comedian and former Westword staffer Adam Cayton-Holland wearing Maher's name tag at an event and said it was Maher. Now Cayton-Holland has responded with a story and the video below.

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Tom Martino, a nationally syndicated talk radio host and Denver-area TV personality known as The Troubleshooter, apparently had an associate call in a fake tip to reporter Jared Jacang Maher so he could confront Maher on camera about a recent Westword article linking Martino to a multi-level marketing company. Once Maher got to the parking lot where he was set to meet the purported tipster, Martino ran after Maher's car with a cameraman. "Why won't you answer some questions?," he shouted. "Are you a coward?" Maher drove away, and Martino headed to the Westword office, where he confronted managing editor Jonathan Shikes. Eventually, Martino put together a short video (see below) on the episode, in which he calls Maher a "cowardly writer" over footage of a picture taken off the internet. But while Martino tells his audience that picture is of Maher, it is actually of standup comedian and former Westword staffer Adam Cayton-Holland, a fact Michael Roberts says Martino should have easily known. For his efforts, The Troubleshooter has earned "Shmuck of the Week" honors from the Denver alt-weekly.

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Before he was in a position to charge a fortune for protection from gossip, Jared Paul Stern was a writer for New York Press. In this week's issue, Ernie Koy describes his first encounter with Stern, "a pretentious man who was suffering from early male-pattern baldness" and who "sucked up to whoever needed to be sucked up to." Based on these attributes, Koy decided that "he would do well in the New York media."

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