"About five years ago, Carolyn [Fernandez, the paper's production manager] and I began to craft a succession plan for the newspaper," publisher Judy Hodgson writes. "What would the ownership look like when we are no longer actively working? Who will be at the helm for the next 20 years?" To answer that question, the two co-founders did not have to go far. On Jan. 1, editor Hank Sims, sales manager Mike Herring and A&E editor Bob Doran became co-owners of the Journal; they are now minority stockholders while Fernandez and Hodgson retain majority control.

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In an interview with New York blog Gothamist, Judy McGuire dishes on her six years writing a dating advice column for Seattle Weekly -- and, until last October, writing a separate "Dategirl" column for the New York Press. On her separation from the Press, McGuire says, "Getting fired is never pleasant. I miss it, but frankly, I don't think that many people were reading the Press by that point anyway." She also contrasts her dysfunctional life -- which is "in the grand tradition of advice columnists," she claims -- with the family-friendly ways of the author of Savage Love: "Dan Savage is the only well-adjusted one I can think of (though I’ve heard rumors)."

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Michael Sigman will replace Judy Jablonski as publisher of LA Weekly and OC Weekly at the end of this year. Jablonski is starting her own media consulting firm and takes the two alt pubs with her as her first clients.

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