Karla Starr, who compiles the listings of book-related events for Willamette Week, got a bigger reaction than she expected to an item in the August 23 issue. Starr wrote:

Are you a fatty? Want to be in a book? Waddle over to a computer, grab your typing stick (those sausage fingers hit too many keys at once, don't they?), go to stacybias.net, and fill out the contact form for your chance to contribute to Bias' FatGirl Speaks, a short-fiction anthology inspired by her event of the same name.
According to a note in the Aug. 30 issue, "WW's email inboxes, voicemail and front desk were inundated by responses." The Letters to the Editor section includes six messages from angry readers, one from Bias, and an apology from Starr. "After experiencing firsthand the power of reading so many stories, my appreciation and respect for Stacy Bias' work and upcoming book has grown tremendously," Starr says.

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