On May 27, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed Senate Bill 193 into law, making Colorado the ninth state to ban the shackling of inmates during labor and childbirth. The bill was inspired by Boulder Weekly editor Pamela White's investigation into the treatment of pregnant inmates in state prisons and jails. White was also key in drafting the legislation and pushing the bill forward. "I've written lots of news articles and opinion columns. I've written nine published novels," she says. "But I'd never written a bill."

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Seven Days founder and co-editor Pamela Polston reports that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders reached out to her last week regarding the senator's recent inaccurate statements about the alt-weekly industry. "Bernie let me know that his office sends out 'hundreds' of releases every day and that 'I don't always read them carefully,'" Polston writes, noting that Sanders was a little defensive and thought AAN was making too much of his offhand remarks, given Sanders' work on media reform issues. "It was clear Bernie wasn't going to provide a written apology to AAN, but he did offer this: 'If I have offended anyone in the alternative media, I'm sorry for that.'"

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Pamela White, better known to romance-novel readers as Pamela Clare, is set to release two books this year: Unlawful Contact and Untamed. She talks to the Daily Camera about how she balances editing an alt-weekly, cranking out award-winning romance novels, maintaining relationships with fans of her books, and being a single mother. "I will say it's hard," White says. "I would only do this if I felt absolutely compelled to write. And I can't not write." She says she couldn't possibly manage it all without the help of her youngest son, who helps cook, clean house and keep the yard presentable. "I am absolutely so proud of her. I am so impressed with how much she manages to get done," he tells the Daily Camera. "She's daring enough to go after her dream at a time when that's really hard to do."

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This year's Burlington Business Award recognizes Seven Days for "for exemplary business practices, contributions to the community and promotion of a positive image for Burlington." Co-founders Pamela Polston and Paula Routly accepted the award at the Burlington Business Assocation dinner this week, where more than 400 attendees, including Vermont's governor and the mayor of Burlington, gave them a standing ovation.

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Pamela Clare's 2006 novel Surrender is a finalist for the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award in the Long Historical Romance category. Clare, better known to AAN members as Pamela White, has published six romance novels since she started writing them three years ago. Surrender is part of a historical trilogy set in pre-Revolutionary Colonial upstate New York during the French and Indian War. Final RITA winners will be announced in July.

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"It's a bit mind-blowing ... to realize one's place of employment is perceived as a citadel of crunchy-granola neo-hippies," writes Pamela Robin Brandt in Miami New Times' Aug. 31 issue. Brandt is describing her experience dining at the Daily Creative Food Co. restaurant, where sandwiches bear the names of newspapers. Miami New Times' namesake comprises vegetables, mozzarella and pesto on ciabatta bread. Brandt suggests a better choice would have been the lobster club, which contains a Bacardi-spiked chili mayonnaise.

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