Steve Perry, who left the paper earlier this year, tells the Minnesota Monitor that his new project is "a professional journalism site, but it's just as importantly conceived to be a community-and-conversations site." Though he won't reveal the site's name yet, it's set to launch in October or November. He says he's pulling inspiration from sites as diverse as The Stranger's, the Gothamist chain of city sites, and the Gawker Media sites. "I love the idea of building a forum that wantonly blurs the lines between 'professional' and 'amateur' voices wherever appropriate," Perry says. "After we started blogging extensively at City Pages, I was struck by how much I learned from the comments and correspondence it generated."

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Britt Robson, who will leave March 1, tells the Star-Tribune his chief reasons for quitting were editor Steve Perry's recent resignation and the hiring of an editor from out of town to succeed him. "There was absolutely no pressure on me to leave," Robson says. "I just didn't want to be an unhappy, divisive force on the staff, which I would have been if I had stayed." He had spent over 10 years at the paper and was among Steve Perry's closest confidants, according to the Star-Tribune.

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The Village Voice Media paper announced yesterday that Cleveland Scene managing editor Kevin Hoffman would replace Steve Perry, who resigned earlier this week. Former City Pages co-owner Tom Bartel (the brother of the paper's current publisher, Mark Bartel) tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that he thinks Hoffman and present VVM management deserve a chance. "They've produced some terrific editors and stories over the years," Bartel says. "But anybody who comes in from out of town will have a certain learning curve. He needs to know the community he's covering."

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Steve Perry announced today that he will resign next month after 13 years as editor of City Pages, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. In a memo circulated to staff, Perry said "philosophical and practical differences" with New Times management prompted his decision to leave the paper.

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When the Minneapolis alt-weekly selected crystal meth as the "Best Cheap Thrill" in its annual "Best of the Twin Cities" issue, the usual suspects lined up to express their outrage, including talk-radio hosts, local TV reporters, health officials, politicians, and irate readers. Editor Steve Perry's first instinct was to stand by the blurb, explaining in an editor's note that it was a joke that was intended to make the point "that it's possible to make entirely too much of the drug hype of the hour--unless you're in radio or television, of course." But after being pounded for twelve hours, Perry issued an apology, saying that he was chastened by "a lot of comments and e-mails ... from readers who've seen the lives of loved ones wrecked or ended by meth."

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