Unnamed "insiders" tell the Philadelphia Inquirer that Review Publishing LP, the Weekly's parent company, wants to package its three other publications with the alt-weekly in a sale, but VVM only wants the Weekly. Rumors of the paper's sale first appeared last week, and it has been reported that Philadelphia Media Holdings, the parent company of the city's two dailies, is also interested.

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On the heels of yesterday's story that the alt-weekly is reportedly on the market for $25 million, unnamed "informed observers" tell the Philadelphia Daily News that Philadelphia Media Holdings (PMH) is among the bidders. PMH owns both the Daily News and Philly's other daily, the Inquirer. "All I can say is no comment," PMH CEO Brian Tierney says.

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That's what Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Michael Klein says he's heard from unnamed "publishing sources around town." His sources tell him that Review Publishing LP, the parent company of the alt-weekly, is asking $25 million for the paper and signing confidentiality statements with prospects. While neither Review President Anthony Clifton nor Vice President Jim Stokes responded to Klein's requests for comment, the Weekly's editor says he's heard nothing about a sale. "It would be a shock to me," Tim Whitaker says.

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Mediaspan, which calls itself "the leading provider of digital content management and national advertising solutions for over 4,000 local media properties," yesterday announced the addition of several new clients, including AAN members Philadelphia City Paper, Austin Chronicle, San Antonio Current, Salt Lake City Weekly, Arkansas Times and Jackson Free Press. "Our drive to deliver new, national revenue for our affiliate partners goes hand-in-hand with our goal of meeting the demands of national advertisers who want to reach a specific local audience, in markets large and small, across multiple types of media," says a Mediaspan executive. "Whether advertisers seek online display ads on newspaper websites, pre-roll video on TV websites or online radio audio streams, we can deliver."

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In an interview discussing his sophomore effort, The Blonde, Duane Swierczynski says his journalism career has made him a better writer. "It has beaten some of the bad writing out of my system," he tells the Journals. "Journalism teaches you to be concise; space, after all, is precious." But fiction has also helped make him a better editor and journalist. "I think writing fiction has helped me realize that story is king, even in non-fiction. When I edit stories for the City Paper, I find myself mostly looking for structure flaws -- hiccups in the storytelling -- and craving strong narratives that unfold like a novel. After all, journalism is just storytelling with the truth."

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Ever since Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., publicly equated homosexuality and bestiality, Dan Savage has been turning up the heat on his homophobic nemesis. First, he organized a contest to name a sex act after the Republican senator. Now Savage, the editor of Seattle's The Stranger and one of altdom's most popular columnists, is taking the fight to Santorum's home turf. He recently followed the warpath to Philadelphia, where he talked to Philadelphia Weekly about efforts to defeat Santorum's midterm re-election bid. When questioned about his take-no-prisoners crusade, Savage says, "I really feel that it's an all-hands-on-deck sort of fucking moment."

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The 160-page anniversary issue, published today, is "an idiosyncratic mashup of 25 years of city journalism," writes editor Duane Swierczynski. "We've selected 25 'memorable' stories, from investigative epics to little goofy items that made us smile." Co-founder Bruce Schimmel provides details of the paper's "ugly, lovely birth" as an offshoot of a local community radio station, and Publisher Paul Curci looks toward the alt-weekly's future: "As a reader, expect to have more access, to our writers and to the stories themselves. Expect more new voices and new features. As an advertiser, expect more innovative ways to reach new customers. Above all, expect the unexpected."

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Liz Spikol, the managing editor of Philadelphia Weekly, has chronicled her struggles with mental illness in her weekly column, on her blog, and now, on YouTube videos. Her latest, "From Depression to Desperation" (below), was briefly on the first page of YouTube's top-rated section. Although the main topic of the video is Spikol's experience with electroshock therapy, the viewer comments often include opinions on Spikol's two pairs of glasses, as PW's "Philadelphia Will Do" blog notes.

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Tasha Ho-Sang (pictured) parlayed an insightful letter to the editor into a summer internship at the Philadelphia City Paper, with funding assistance from AAN's Diversity Internship program. Ho-Sang had a wealth of story ideas, and during her two months at the alt-weekly she was able to develop a few of those ideas into successful articles. "Stories she pitched came from a realm that we wouldn't have found if we hadn't had the chance to bring Tasha on," Managing Editor Brian Hickey says.

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