Mark Hunter is among a handful of local photographers who have managed to attract some attention with "party photography," reports the student newspaper of Virginia Commonwealth University. After making a name for himself with a Web site that "has risen as a sort of unofficial underground archive of the L.A. scene," Hunter now contributes a weekly half-page of color, club-scene photos to the VVM paper. "LA Weekly is my favorite," Hunter says. "They embraced me to the utmost."

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One of the youngest winners of a 2005 AltWeekly Award is Nick Goodenough, whose column for Ventura County Reporter, "Nick at Night," took first place for photography in the small-paper division. In an interview with AAN intern Lindsay Kishter, Goodenough explains how he managed to take photos on packed dance floors without blurring his subjects or losing his grip on his camera. This is the first in a series titled "How I Got That Story" that will highlight the AltWeekly Awards' first-place winners.

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