Seven Days founder and co-editor Pamela Polston reports that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders reached out to her last week regarding the senator's recent inaccurate statements about the alt-weekly industry. "Bernie let me know that his office sends out 'hundreds' of releases every day and that 'I don't always read them carefully,'" Polston writes, noting that Sanders was a little defensive and thought AAN was making too much of his offhand remarks, given Sanders' work on media reform issues. "It was clear Bernie wasn't going to provide a written apology to AAN, but he did offer this: 'If I have offended anyone in the alternative media, I'm sorry for that.'"

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This year's Burlington Business Award recognizes Seven Days for "for exemplary business practices, contributions to the community and promotion of a positive image for Burlington." Co-founders Pamela Polston and Paula Routly accepted the award at the Burlington Business Assocation dinner this week, where more than 400 attendees, including Vermont's governor and the mayor of Burlington, gave them a standing ovation.

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