Las Vegas CityLife, Las Vegas Weekly and the Reno News & Review took home a total of 74 awards at the annual Better Newspaper Contest put on by the Nevada Press Association. CityLife won 34 awards, with 16 first-place finishes; the News & Review won 28 awards, including 11 firsts; and the Weekly won 12 awards, four of which were first-place.

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The Nevada Press Association announced the winners of its 2008 "Better Newspaper Contest" Saturday night, and two AAN members fared quite well. The Reno News & Review won a total of 44 awards, including 18 first-place finishes; and Las Vegas CityLife won a total of 32 awards, with 12 of those being first-place wins.

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In an effort to "help the planet survive," the paper's editorial team is now on a 10-hour-day, four-day work week, with one of those days a work-at-home or work-in-the-field day. Editor D. Brian Burghart notes that "this should enable editorial to cut about 40 percent of our fuel costs and carbon emissions." Office hours won't change for the business end of the newspaper.

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In November, the Sacramento News & Review launched its Face to Face Video Ad project. The ads, which have also been rolled out at the company's paper in Chico and will soon hit its Reno paper, are serious, in-depth recorded interviews with vendors about their products and services. News & Review president and CEO Jeff von Kaenel says the idea was inspired by a vacation to India with his teenage daughter, who was shooting and editing video of the trip. "The video technology had gotten so easy to use," he says, it got him thinking about how the paper could take advantage of the technological leaps. So far, the initial reaction to the project has been promising, according to Susan Cooper, sales development manager at the Sacramento paper. In this Q&A with AAN News, she talks in more detail about the project.

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Inspired by German illustrator George Grosz, Rick Sealock takes an ornery-manner approach to his art. He distorts the humans and animals he creates in the hopes viewers will draw a social and political message from his work. The Canadian illustrator took both first-place AltWeekly Awards in Illustration this year. This is the 11th in a "How I Got That Story" series highlighting the AltWeekly Awards' first-place winners.

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