In what it calls "an admittedly awkward, after-the-fact effort in filling the gap," the Independent has laid out the rest of the story on the contract dispute between editor-in-chief and minority owner Marianne Partridge and publisher and majority owner Randy Campbell. "What we failed to cover ... were the arguments that Campbell and his attorneys provided in their responding papers," news editor Nick Welch writes. "As such, The Independent's coverage of its own internal struggle has been somewhat one-sided." To rectify the situation, the paper will not be covering the dispute in a traditional way as it moves along; instead, it will present readers with links to the relevant court documents themselves (this latest story includes 13 legal documents the case has produced to date).

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Judge Denise deBellefeuille has granted an injunction sought by Independent co-owner and editor-in-chief Marianne Partridge in her contract dispute over the paper's sale with publisher and majority owner Randy Campbell. The injunction effectively bars Campbell from selling or distributing his shares of the Independent until the conflict with Partridge over the sale of his shares is finally resolved, the paper reports.

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Editor-in-chief Marianne Partridge has sued publisher Randy Campbell in Santa Barbara County Superior Court for breach of contract in a legal dispute that Independent reporter Nick Welsh says "could have major ramifications for the ownership structure" of the paper. Partridge, a minority shareholder, claims that Campbell -- who owns 51 percent of the company -- is in violation of contract language that requires him to offer to sell his stock to Partridge or one of the other two minority owners before selling to anyone else. The dispute stems from Campbell's apparent desire to sell his share of the Independent to Valley Printers, which prints the paper and is owned by Southland Publishing, the parent company of four Southern California AAN member papers.

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That's Robert Newman's take, as he profiles yet another alt-weekly for the Society of Publication Designers' "Grids" blog. "The Reporter has an editorial budget for an entire issue that is less than what most national magazines pay for a spot illustration," Newman writes, praising cover designer Angela Moore's ability to create "engaging, timely covers, designed to drive circulation and appeal to the Reporter's readership." She says that despite her small budget, artists like to work for the Reporter because she trusts their instincts. "I'm always being told by illustrators how rare it is to work with someone who doesn't over direct, and I think that's why so many work for us even with our small budget," Moore says.

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The Reporter is among the "fabulous papers" cited in a Morning News piece by Leah Finnegan that looks at "papers that defy boundaries, the internet, and, oft times, common reason." Calling the alt-weekly "tiny but hardy," Finnegan says it "covers two things very well: Wild animals and domestic violence," pointing to a quartet of recent stories on those very subjects. "The paper can also boast one of the country's most non-sequitur parenting columns, titled 'Daddy Needs a Drink,'" she writes. That led The Awl's Choire Sicha to dub "Daddy" writer Rob Wilder "our second-favorite parenting columnist."

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The Independent's senior editor Matt Kettmann is a co-founder of New Noise Santa Barbara, a music conference and festival that debuted Oct. 8-10 at venues throughout downtown Santa Barbara. "We're telling locals that it's like the wildly popular Santa Barbara International Film Fest, but with music," says Kettmann, the paper's former pop culture editor who more recently directed the editorial development of "And we're telling everyone else that it's like South By Southwest, but much smaller and on the coast." The Independent served as an official media sponsor and published the conference's program guide.

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Small Society, the company whose work on iPhone applications for the Obama campaign, Whole Foods and Zipcar has earned wide recognition and praise in the growing app development field, is partnering with Pre1 Software and the parent company of Willamette Week and Santa Fe Reporter to develop an iPhone publishing platform which they hope to make available to AAN publishers by late 2009. "We think this may be the killer app for alt weeklies," Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman says.

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The alt-weekly is commemorating the occasion with a host of features, including the video of 35 years of covers embedded below, a Q&A with co-founder Richard McCord, a look back at memorable ads through the years and more. Reporter editor Julia Goldberg tells AAN News that the city has also dubbed June 17, 2009, "Santa Fe Reporter Day" in honor of the paper's 35th birthday.

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The paper changed its name to Santa Cruz Weekly earlier this month because "the metropolitan flavor of the name never fit well with the character of Santa Cruz." Plus they were tired of being mistaken for the bus company. "At a transformative moment in the publishing industry, we've adopted a decidedly newspaper-y name to express our optimism about weekly print," wrote editor Traci Hukill and executive editor Dan Pulcrano in a note announcing the change to readers.

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