Tim Redmond got a call from Bree Hocking, a reporter for Roll Call, asking his opinion about House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. He told Hocking that Pelosi isn't the typical "San Francisco liberal" that some have called her, and Hocking included his comments in an article. The article drew the attention of a producer for Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, who invited Redmond to appear on the show. His appearance went so well that he was later invited to discuss politics on Laura Ingraham's radio program.

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The Houston Chronicle obtains only brief comments from Tim Fleck, the 57-year-old author of the weekly column The Insider, and Houston Press Editor Margaret Downing, about the circumstances of the departure. Others assess the impact of Fleck's acerbic political coverage. In his last column for the Press, Fleck writes about Congressional candidate Lloyd "Ted" Poe, known for the shame sentences he handed out as district judge, and the time Poe underwent his own moment of shame.

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Dan Savage (in photo) and Tim Keck haven't fully participated in the electoral process lately, and their cross-town rivals are calling them on it. Seattle Weekly's Mark Fefer culled county voting records and determined that Editor Savage missed several recent elections and Publisher Keck isn't registered to vote. Fefer contrasts their actions with The Stranger's brash encouragement to its readers to join the political process.

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In an article penned by Executive Editor Tim Redmond, the 35-year-old weekly announces that it has "launched the first stage of a legal offensive to stop" its New Times-owned competitor "from engaging in anticompetitive business practices that may violate federal and state (antitrust) laws." Redmond also details a settled lawsuit in which the Bay Guardian charged a sales rep who had decided to jump ship with secretly downloading over 1,000 pages of sales records and providing them to her then-new employer, SF Weekly.

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