"I didn't want to end up the creepy 40-year-old taking notes in the corner of The Casbah," Troy Johnson tells KPBS. "It's a crisis in music journalism that I wanted no part of -- the aging rock critic who never goes out except to 'marquee shows,' but occupies space as a music editor because that's all they know." Johnson, who has been with CityBeat for five years, will be the new senior editor at the glossy RIVIERA magazine. "There's a lot to miss about CityBeat," he says. "That's a small paper built on chewing gum, bailing wire and severely passionate, severely talented, severely underpaid editors and writers."

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Troy Johnson, the music editor at the San Diego alt-weekly, has been the host of the Emmy Award-winning Fox Rox for its run of nearly five years, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. "[The cancellation] was purely a financial decision," says the station's general manager Richard Doutre Jones. "I can't keep losing money on it." Fox Rox's last broadcast is scheduled for March 29. "The media exfoliates itself and it's our time to be shed," Johnson says. "Our ratings were on the slender side. We were Jared post-Subway."

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