2017 AAN Membership Application Now Available

AAN is now accepting applications for both regular and affiliate members. The deadline to apply for regular membership is June 12, 2017. Affiliate member applications are accepted year-round. AANLogo

Applicants for regular membership are assessed by the AAN membership committee to determine whether the applicant meets the AAN bylaw requirement to “exhibit sufficient public service through journalism and editorial distinction and excellence to merit designation as a positive editorial alternative to mainstream journalism.”

The membership committee then prepares a report that details the strengths and weaknesses of regular membership applicants in terms of representing that “positive editorial alternative,” and gives a recommendation about acceptance. This report is publicly distributed to AAN member organizations which then vote on the fate of applicants at the association’s annual meeting in July.

Applicants for affiliate membership face a deliberately less rigorous application process. Affiliates may be niche publications, or general-interest publications which aren’t currently meeting the standards of regular membership but could benefit from the knowledge and support of their peers. Affiliate member applications are reviewed by the membership committee and will be approved for membership absent any major issues which would deem the applicant unfit for membership.

To apply for membership:

  • For regular applicants with a print publication, eight (8) copies each of the three issues that best represent your work from 2016 and up to March 1, 2017 (for distribution to the members of the Membership Committee).
  • Online-only publications should send us the URLs to the three issues that represent your best work from 2016 and up to March 1, 2017. URLs should include links to at least one example per week—if your site has these—of a longform story; a news story; a feature story; arts and entertainment coverage in the areas of music, stage, movies, etc.; listings and food coverage. Online-only publications may also submit PDFs of those same weeks. (Please do not submit “Best Of ” or similar special issues.)
  • Send a nonrefundable check of $150 payable to AAN to help offset the expense of the admissions process.

All regular membership application materials must be received by AAN by June 12, 2017. Applications received after that date will not be considered for membership. Please write “AAN Application” on the package and send it to:

Association of Alternative Newsmedia
Attn: Molly Snead
210 12th Ave., Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37203

We encourage applicants to read the membership guidelines and to consider attending the AAN Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. Not only is the information-sharing at the convention one of the benefits of AAN membership, but it is an unparalleled chance to meet current AAN members and introduce your publication to them in advance of the general meeting’s vote on membership applicants. Applicants may register for the conference at the AAN member rate.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact AAN Executive Director Jason Zaragoza at jason@aan.org or Membership Chair Jimmy Boegle at jboegle@cvindependent.com.

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