AAN CAN Rates Going Up

Total circulation of AAN members papers has increased by more than 250,000, and AAN CAN rates are tracking that increase, AAN Sales Director Roxanne Cooper announced this week.

As of April 2, the national AAN CAN rate is $1,200 for new advertisers, although current AAN CAN advertisers will be charged the old rate of $1,150 through the end of May. Member papers also will receive a double commission of 50 percent for certain categories of ads sold between now and the end of May.

“We’re very pleased with the recent progress we’ve been making,” Cooper says. “AAN CAN sales are beginning to climb back up. I think the sales contest makes a big difference, and we’ve done a lot in the past few weeks to increase ‘top-of-mind’ awareness at participating newspapers.”

The new rates are as follows:
National — $1,200.00
MidAtlantic — $400.00
Southeast — $325.00
Midwest — $375.00
Northwest — $210.00
Northern Cal — $260.00
Southern Cal — $230.00
Southwest — $230.00
New England — $215.00

Also, in response to member feedback, the new weekly deadline for ad submission and payment has been changed to Thursdays at 5 p.m. Eastern time for the following week’s editions. Papers will receive their weekly AAN CAN ads at noon Eastern time on Fridays.

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