AAN CAN Revenue Up

AAN CAN revenues jumped during April thanks to a renewed awareness-building campaign from the national office and a sales incentive program through the end of May.

Ad count was up 25 percent over the average of the previous three months, and gross revenues were up by 42 percent over the same period’s average.

“I think the greatest contributing factor that explains the increase is ‘top-of-mind awareness,'” says AAN Director of Sales Roxanne Cooper. “We’ve done a lot in the last several months to remind members about the AAN CAN program, and it’s starting to pay off. That, and the current 50 percent commission incentive for member newspapers.”

Member newspapers can earn 50 percent commission (double the normal 25 percent) on new ads sold into the program through the end of May. Additional advertiser incentives are being planned for the summer and will be announced shortly.

“We’re not yet where we need to be in terms of revenue, certainly not where we were at this time last year. But, we’re headed in the right direction,” says Cooper.

The AAN CAN program was started in November 2000 and has become the major funding source for the association and its programs.