NUVO Brings Home the Gold

INDIANAPOLIS — After an unprecedented 21 awards last year, NUVO followed up in 2003 with their second highest total of 19 awards from the Society of Professional Journalism, an annual statewide contest of journalistic excellence. This total includes seven first-place awards.

The awards were presented at the Indianapolis Athletic Club, in a gathering comprised of television, radio and print journalists. Staff writer David Hoppe tied with perennial NUVO superstar Fran Quigley for the most honors from NUVO, as both took home three awards. In addition, several of NUVO’s awards were won in categories in which we competed with every other publication in the state with a circulation more than 40,000.

Fran Quigley won first place in Best Social Justice Reporting for “Hunger and Heroes.” Michael Atwood took third place in the same category for “Blessing the Burden.” David Hoppe took second in Best Coverage of Children’s Issues for “Art in a Hard Place.’ Dick Cady won second place in Best Coverage of Government for “Lies and Damned Lies.” Quigley also took second place in Best Criminal Justice Reporting for “The Most Important – and Quietest -Election” The remaining awards were won in the categories in which NUVO competed with other non-daily publications.

For the second year in a row, NUVO swept the Best Critique/Review of Arts/Entertainment/Food category. Hoppe took first place with his arts criticism, Julie Pratt-McQuiston (who has subsequently changed her name to Julianna Thibodeaux) took second place for her arts criticism, and Neil Charles took third place with his cuisine reviews.

In Best Investigative reporting, Jeff Edwards won first place for “Another Day of Humiliation, Another Dollar” and Casey Temple took second place for “Narcotic Slavery.” In Best Deadline Reporting, Quigley won first place for “Trigger Locks May Have Stopped School Shooting,” and Paul F. P. Pogue took second place for “It Just Fueled Their Fire For Journalism.” Colleen Wells won first place in Best Print Feature for “Road Kill: Casualties of the Car Culture.”

In Best Personality Profile, Hoppe won second place for “Thinking Things Through.” Cady took first place in Best Non-Deadline reporting for “Such Good Friends.” For Best Sports reporting, David Beck won second place with “Welcome to Fight Club” and Megan Briscoe won third place for “Welcome to the Snake Pit.”

In the design categories, Andy Fry took first place for Best Layout/Design Other Than Page One for “Rhymefest,” and Jason Teig won second place for “Not Cool Enough For You.”

For more information in NUVO’s awards recipients or the awards winning stories, please contact Promotions Manager, Bill Skaggs at 317.808.4618.

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