AAN Convention 2012: Just Register Already; It’s Your Patriotic Duty

Why do you hate America? That’s what you’re broadcasting to others by not registering for the 2012 AAN Convention in Detroit.

Sure, the early bird deadline isn’t until next Friday, May 18. But why wait? When you wait, the terrorists win.

Executive director Tiffany Shackelford — who has been putting together the greatest collection of talent ever assembled to speak to AAN members — is so distraught by your inaction that she’s resorted to lashing out at AAN’s Twitter followers.

Join us in Detroit for 3 days of sessions that will sharpen your business mind, reinvigorate your editorial spirit, and heal the country.

Your comrades at Metro Times are welcoming you with open arms — and preparing to show you a great time in a city that’s bursting with creative energy.

Just register.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your paper. Do it to catch up with people from your fellow papers. Do it for Tiffany’s sanity.

Do it for America.

(And Canada.)