AAN Convention Podcast: Press Freedom and the Trump Administration

Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye.

It was during the process of editing this special podcast on press freedom that the news broke about Scaramucci’s departure, once again stirring the media whirlwind engulfing the Trump White House.

Looking back to Friday, July 28, when the Association of Alternative Newsmedia convened a panel on Threats to Press Freedom at its annual conference, there was already plenty of topics to fuel discussion. The panelists talked about how accusations of fake news, manhandled reporters, lack of transparency are all impacting the way the press is covering the White House.

Kevin Goldberg, AAN’s legal counsel, organized the panel, which was emceed by Sandy Johnson, president and COO of the National Press Foundation. Rounding out the panel were Margaret Talev, Bloomberg’s senior White House correspondent, and Margaux Ewen, advocacy and communications director at Reporters Without Borders, North America.

Thanks to Michael O’Connel, of the It’s All Journalism podcast, for producing this special edition AAN Convention Podcast, drawn from our Friday Keynote surrounding the topic of Threats to Press Freedom.