AAN Digital 2013: Shoot the Bull at the Editors’ Roundtable

AAN Digital Conference, San Francisco, January 24 - 26, 2013

Year after year, attendees tell us that one of the most valuable conference experiences is being able to talk (read: commiserate) with their counterparts at other AAN papers.

At the 2013 Digital Conference in San Francisco, editors can shoot the bull during the Editors’ Roundtable, led by Gambit editor Kevin Allman.

As more and more of your work revolves around the web and social media, alt-weekly editors are confronting many of the same challenges.

The Editors’ Roundtable will be a chance to ask questions, share solutions to common problems and feel like you’re not alone when deciding how best to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Editors will also discuss what works — and doesn’t work — on their websites, with an eye NOT toward driving clicks, but rather toward satisfying your readers.

Do your readers want and expect slideshows? Podcasts? Original video? Or endless videos of kittens kittens kittens?

And how can you deliver these things without compromising your integrity or spending a lot of time and money — and while getting out a newspaper at the same time?

No experts, just you and your fellow editors, sharing your hard-earned knowledge. And maybe a bit of bitching and whining.

Register for the AAN 2013 Digital Conference here.

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