AAN Hires a New Sales Assistant

Stephanie Roswell has joined the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies as the new sales assistant. Roswell, who started work at AAN on Jan. 28, will assist with the AAN CAN program and handle other administrative tasks as well.

“Stephanie has already proven herself to be a smart, hard-working and competent team-player,” says AAN executive director Richard Karpel. “We’re fortunate to have found her.”

Roswell, who graduated from the University of Maryland and then went on to attend drama school in London, was most recently an executive assistant at the Recording Industry Association of America. She’s also active in the Washington, D.C. theater scene, and is an associate producer for Solas Nua, a theater company that specializes in contemporary Irish plays.

“I’m excited to join AAN and help out on the AAN CAN program,” she says. “I’ve really appreciated how welcome everyone has made me feel!”

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