AAN Launches Content Exchange Platform with Cont3nt.com

AAN has partnered with Cont3nt.com to launch the AltWeeklies Content Exchange as a service to its members.

The AltWeeklies Content Exchange allows members to collect a stream of video and photo content from their local communities, share content with other publications, and giving weeklies the tools to generate a new revenue stream by licensing their media to national and international outlets.

The Content Exchange will allow members to:

  1. Get more hyper-local video and photo from your community – members get the Local Report that enables members to collect or buy original photo & video content from your local freelancers and contributors (like having your own iReport);

  2. Share and collaborate – share, and collaborate on photo and video stories with other AAN members throughout the US and Canada (like having your own Getty);

  3. Generate a new revenue stream by licensing content – License your content to national and international outlets. AAN members can monetize content either individually or collaboratively by selling or syndicating your videos, photos, & stories to non-AAN members (like having your own AP);

  4. Solve your technical problems involved in sending, receiving, and storing high-def videos and photos.

The content exchange will be enabled for all AAN members in the next few months.

To get early access and advanced support in setting up your content streams, sign up to the AltWeeklies Content Exchange here.