AAN Legal Counsel Kevin Goldberg to Depart

AAN Legal Counsel Kevin Goldberg will be departing his law firm — and as a result, his work with AAN — effective November 1 for an in-house position with the Digital Media Association.

Most organizations would issue a bland press release and give vague statements about a launching a search for a new attorney, but that’s not how we operate here, or at least not as long as I’m still here.

The truth is that no one can truly replace all of the varied services that Kevin has provided to AAN as an attorney, and as a genuinely good person, during his nearly six-year stint with AAN.

Since joining AAN in 2013, Kevin has provided invaluable services to AAN members through his lobbying efforts, his review and recommendations to AAN staff on amicus briefs, providing direct legal support by reviewing contracts and providing advice to the Board of Directors on bylaws and procedural matters, and of course, his direct support to members through AAN’s legal hotline and conference sessions covering legal matters relevant to AAN publications.

I will now handle all lobbying and amicus efforts along with President John Heaston and First Amendment Chair Enrique Limón without any break in activity, and we will announce a new legal hotline structure in the upcoming weeks, so as far as member services go, members should not feel any immediate impact aside from the fact that you can’t ask Kevin for advice on the listservs anymore.

“Kevin has been a unicorn for AAN,” said Molly Willmott, Immediate Past-President of AAN who has worked closely with Kevin over the past two years. “We’ve asked so much from him and each time, he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

In February, rather than phone-in to our bi-annual Board of Directors meeting due to the very legitimate excuse that it was his son’s first birthday, instead of staying home with his family Kevin decided to bring his family out to the conference so that he could attend the Board meeting in person, out of duty, and as a result, his son Milo ended up spending his first birthday with AAN at our reception later that evening.

This is what I mean when I refer to AAN as a family and Kevin has been an integral part of this family for several years now.

“I love this group so much,” he said. “Trust me when I say that leaving AAN behind was the hardest part of this decision. I will miss you all.”

Kevin, I speak on behalf of all of AAN when I say that we will miss you too. There are not enough words to thank you for all you’ve done on behalf of our organization. We wish you, Brenda, and Milo all the best.

Jason Zaragoza
Executive Director