AAN Mentorship Program Still Accepting Applicants

Four months after the launch of AAN’s Individual Mentorship program, applications are still being accepted.

The AAN Individual Mentorship program is designed to pair up an individual at one AAN publication who wants guidance on a particular topic or job, with an experienced individual at another AAN publication:

“The idea of having a mentorship program for individuals has been batted around for some time within AAN,” explained [AAN Diversity Chair and Tucson Weekly editor Jimmy] Boegle. “After all, a lot of papers are small operations at which individuals get promoted into a position where, all of a sudden, they’re the boss — and there’s nobody in their office to help them grow and learn.”

AAN has created online application forms for both mentors and mentees to find potential matches and pair up individuals with similar goals.

Questions about the program can be directed to AAN Executive Director Tiffany Shackelford at tshackelford[at]aan[dot]org.