AAN National Classifed Network to Debut

AAN CAN Will Begin Taking Ads This Month.

The AAN Classified Advertising Network (“AAN CAN”) will launch this fall with the first ads expected to run during the week beginning October 25. At present, 107 AAN member papers with a total circulation exceeding 6.5 million have registered to participate. (AAN’s Canadian papers will not be part of the network.) In a sign that bodes well for the program’s potential, AAN headquarters has already started to receive inquiries from potential advertisers, including several recruitment advertisers and a television show that features “unusual” weddings.

Sales materials are being prepared and will be sent to AAN CAN contacts at each member paper by the end of October. The text from the sales materials will also be made available on the member section of the AAN website. (AAN CAN contacts and other classified personnel who are not yet registered users of the “members-only” area can register at https://aan.org.)

AAN Marketing Director Adam Ebbin says “We are excited to finally make our classified network a reality — and to provide AAN papers with an opportunity to earn substantial commissions.” Papers will receive a 25% commission for ads they sell.

The prices for prepaid ads will be as follows:

  • National (circulation 6.54 million): $950.00/1st 25 words; $35.00/per additional word


  • Northeast (circulation 1.46 million): $425.00/1st 25 words; $20.00/per additional word
  • Southeast (1 million): $ 250.00/1st 25 words; $15.00/per additional word
  • Midwest (1.16 million): $ 250.00/1st 25 words; $15.00/per additional word
  • Western (1.01 million): $250.00/1st 25 words; $15.00/per additional word
  • Pacific (1.9 million): $425.00/1st 25 words; $20.00/per additional word

    AAN CAN will also offer discounts for multi-ad contracts that are prepaid in full.

    Questions about the program should be directed to Ebbin at 202/822-1955 or adame@intr.net. Although he will be travelling on business and vacation between October 5-18, other AAN staffers will be available to answer your questions during his absence.

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