AAN Occupies SF

The 2012 #AANWeb Conference kicks off today at the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco.

Terry Heaton, regarded by most as one of the key thought leaders in the world of media today, will get things started with the opening keynote address.

Download the iPad/iPhone version of the entire program (including speaker bios & exhibitor info) here.

As Jay Rosen says, “If you’re going to understand what’s happening to local media, and what needs to happen, then you need someone who is utterly unsentimental about the old, and fully informed about the new. Unwedded to legacy media, and yet intimate with its ways. Impervious to hype about the digital marvels we hear about, and yet clued-in to what really is radical about digital. Such a guide is Terry Heaton.”

Here’s the full agenda for today:

11 am Registration Begins

1:30 to 2:15  pm
Welcome and Opening Session with Guest Speaker Terry Heaton
Terry Heaton is the author of "Reinventing Local Media, volumes one and two" and the popular essay series, "Local Media in a Postmodern World." He also co-wrote "Live. Local. BROKEN News" with his colleagues at AR&D in Dallas. He's a consultant, media innovator, iconoclast, blogger, philosopher, ethics professor and futurist, and he's regarded by most as one of the key thought leaders in the world of media today. Mr. Heaton's concepts of unbundled media, news-as-a-process, the evolving-user paradigm, and many, many other breakthrough ideas have become widely embraced by media organizations in the face of disruptions to the core business model of "the mass."

2:20 to 3:00 pm (concurrent sessions)
How to Get in on the Buy, Even if You're a Small Fry
We'll hear from digital experts on the latest trends in digital buys and how to make sure you don't miss out.
Panel: Blair Barna, Charleston City Paper, Joe Larkin, Voice Media Group, Ian Moray, ValueClick Media

2:20 to 3:00 pm (concurrent sessions)
The Revolution will be Portable: Understanding the Tablet Opportunity
Alternative media organizations need to figure out their tablet strategy. Find out how to engage in a media ecosphere where the tablet is emerging as the dominant consumption device.
Presenter: Stefan Klocek, Cooper

3:15 to 4:10 pm (concurrent sessions)
Tech Tools
A. State of the Art Web Mapping w/ MapBox
(3:15 to 3:45 pm)
Learn how to make beautiful, fast, and interactive maps for web and mobile using the TileMill. This workshop starts with a walk through of how web mapping works, with the core focusing on hands-on learning using TileMill, MapBox's open source design studio, which allows you to design fast and beautiful interactive maps using your own data and share them on the web and mobile. Examples and walk-through demos of making several types of maps in TileMill will target both technical and non-technical users. For example, we will cover the entire workflow of how non-technical users can quickly go from a simple spreadsheet to a custom designed map and then share it from a cloud map hosting service using embeddable widgets and the MapBox API. We will also discuss the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for hosting dynamic tile serving using big datasets like OpenStreetMap.
Presenters: Eric Gundersen and Will White, Mapbox

B. Experience the Upcoming AltWeeklies Content Exchange – Get More Video. Get More Audio. Never Miss a Story Again. (3:45 to 4 pm)
Cont3nt.com has created a private Content Exchange for AAN members to collect, share, & monetize photo and video content. See how you can collaborate with other AAN members to trade stories or share the cost of long-form features. Learn how you can collect high-quality photo & video from your local freelancers as well as thousands of stringers worldwide. Leverage your hyper-local focus to syndicate and monetize your content by selling it to larger outlets. If you're interested in photo & video, you need to come see the AltWeeklies Content Exchange.
Presenter: Anton Gelman, Cont3nt.com

C. DISQUS Presentation (4 to 4:10 pm)

3:15 to 4:10 pm (concurrent sessions)
Twenty Things
Twenty things you can do right now to get more pageviews, make money online, etc. Thing one: come to this session.
Panel: Jack Krawczyk, StumbleUpon, Laura Rich, Street Fight, and Molly Willmott, The Memphis Flyer

4:15 to 4:45 pm
Essential Workflow Tools for a Multi-Platform World
You've heard the terms — API, open source, HTML5 — but what do these tools do? And how are they relevant to your publication? We'll remove the curtain and demystify these essential tools that address the workflow problems of publishing a print, web and mobile edition all at once, with limited staff.
Panel: Irakli Nadareishvili, NPR, Shea McKinney, ImageX

4:45 to 5:30 pm
User groups and roundtables

6 to 7:30 pm