AAN Releases ‘Best Alternative Longform Journalism’ eBook

Just in time for summer reading season, AAN has released Best Alternative Longform Journalism, a free eBook anthology featuring previous winners of AAN’s annual journalism contest.

The eBook is available exclusively through Longform.org and includes author interviews which give a behind-the-scenes look at how each story came together.

The twelve chapters were selected from the Arts Feature, Feature Story, and Long-Form News Story categories of the 2011 and 2012 AAN Awards.

Founded in 2010 by Aaron Lammer and Max Linsky, Longform.org curates the best longform writing — past and present — from across the web and has grown to include a fiction section and a weekly podcast interview.

AAN is offering this eBook through Longform.org to showcase some of the best alt-weekly feature writing to a smart, loyal audience that has a genuine appreciation for the craft.

The artist who infiltrated a Hugo Chavez-owned island near Philadelphia and turned it into a massive art project; the desperate Nashville couple that pursued expensive — and illegal — stem-cell treatment in Tijuana; and the “fly-in abortionista” who travels to perform abortions in far-away clinics that can’t find local doctors to do the job. These remarkable stories take place in our neighborhoods every day, and alt-weeklies tell the tale like no one else. Selected from the winners of Association of Alternative Newsmedia’s annual journalism contest, ‘Best Alternative Longform Journalism’ is a collection of 12 longform reporting triumphs from the masters of the genre.

Introduction by Rachael Daigle

Chapter 1: “Undercover” by Sharyn Jackson, Santa Fe Reporter

Chapter 2: “The High Cost of Hope” by Brantley Hargrove, Nashville Scene

Chapter 3: “Blow Hard” by Gus Garcia-Roberts, Miami New Times

Chapter 4: “Lawrence Williams: No Romeo” by Caleb Hannan, Seattle Weekly

Chapter 5: “Intent to Harm” by Saul Elbein, Texas Observer

Chapter 6: “Wheelchair Hell in Men’s Central Jail” by Chris Vogel, L.A. Weekly

Chapter 7: “A Bloody Injustice” by Dave Mann, Texas Observer

Chapter 8: “You’re in Bad Hands” by Alan Prendergast, Westword

Chapter 9: “The Island” by Holly Otterbein, Philadelphia City Paper

Chapter 10: “The House that Jack Built” by Adam Gold, Nashville Scene

Chapter 11: “Life in the Belle Jar” by Wyatt Williams, Creative Loafing Atlanta

Chapter 12: “Little Brother Breaks Up” by Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly

Download a copy of Best Alternative Longform Journalism at Longform.org.