AAN Trade Show Attracts 35 Vendors

When the alternative newspaper business descends on Pittsburgh June 5-8, a bustling trade show filled with exhibitors showcasing a wide variety of products and services will be open for business and browsing.

With less than three weeks left before the show begins, AAN has sold 35 exhibits, up from last year’s final count of 34 paid vendors.

The trade show will be open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday afternoon, June 5, providing attendees with their first-ever uninterrupted opportunity to visit with trade-show vendors. The trade show space will be complete with a bar and each registrant will receive a ticket for one free drink during the Thursday hours. The trade show will be open again from 8:45 a.m. until 5 p.m. Friday, June 6. A stroll through the aisles will provide attendees an opportunity to shop for classified and display ad software, syndication services and cartoons, news racks, voice personals systems, publishing and Web site management software, and market research and audit services.

Here’s the complete list of vendors who had registered to exhibit as of May 19.

Acme Features Syndicate – “Life in Hell” cartoon
“Advice Goddess,” Amy Alkon – syndicated columnist
Audit Bureau of Circulations – circulation auditor
“Bob the Angry Flower,” Stephen Notley – syndicated cartoonist
Brainworks Software – publishing software solutions
Classified Group/SunType Publishing – classified software
Classified Technologies Group – call center technology
Kenneth Cleaver: Consumer Correspondent – syndicated columnist
Cornerband.com – audio-visual advertising service
“Dog-Eared Cartoons,” Millard Draudt – syndicated cartoonist
“Doppelganger,” Brian Orms – syndicated cartoonist
Eger Products, Inc. – outdoor marketing stands
Featurewell.com – syndication service
Funnybone Productions/”Fud4thot,” Maxxximum Madcap – syndicated cartoonist
Gannett Offset – commercial printers
Harris & Baseview – publishing software solutions
“Jonesin’ Crosswords,” Matt Gaffney – syndicated crossword puzzle
Linear Publishing – Web site management services
The Media Audit – readership surveys
MultiAd Builder – advertising design support services
TheNewMediaGroup, Inc. – software training and Web design
Newscom – editorial content provider
“The Thinking Ape Blues,” Mark Poutenis – syndicated cartoonist
Pre1 Software – database software solutions for alternative newsweeklies
Ted Rall – syndicated cartoonist and columnist
Scarborough Research – consumer and market research
Andy Singer – syndicated cartoonist/illustrator
“Slowpoke Comics,” Jen Sorensen – syndicated cartoonist
Cole Smithey – syndicated film critic
Software Consulting Services, LLC – systems integration consulting
StreetSmart LLC – outdoor distribution boxes
Telepublishing International – voice personals
Top Level Media – Internet products and services
Trend Offset Printing – printing services
UltiMate Personals – multi-platform personals
Verified Audit Circulation – circulation auditor

For more information about registering for an exhibit space, call AAN Director of Meetings and Special Projects Debra Silvestrin at (202) 822-1955 or e-mail debra@aan.org.