AAN Welcomes Four New Members After 2023 Membership Vote

AAN Welcomes Four New Members After 2023 Membership Vote

AAN is excited to announce that four outstanding new publications have been welcomed into the association as full members. These additions were approved by our membership during our recent meeting in Dallas, reinforcing our commitment to diversity and excellence in journalism.

Please join us in welcoming these exceptional publications from across the globe.

Starting from the West and moving East, we welcome Lawrence Gibbons of City Hub Syndey, Scott Morris of Vallejo Sun, Rick Todd of Watermark, and Mark Segal of Philadelphia Gay News. Each of these publications brings a unique voice and perspective to our ever-growing community, and we’re excited to see the valuable contributions they will make.

In other news, our membership has also voted to create a new role to emphasize our focus on building membership. We’re delighted to introduce Mike Smith from Nashville as our new recruiting chair. Mike brings a wealth of experience and ideas to the role and will serve as the go-to person for all matters concerning new and potential members.

If you have any suggestions or know someone who would be an excellent addition to our membership, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact Mike at msmith@fwpublishing.com or me at todd@aan.org. Thank you for your continued support, and once again, a hearty welcome to our fabulous new members!