AAN West Program Set

Guerrilla marketing, sales gurus featured

Jay Conrad Levinson, the godfather of guerrilla marketing, and Alice Kemper, a sales training expert, are the featured presenters at AAN West 2002 set for Feb. 8-9 in San Francisco.

Levinson is scheduled to lead a three-hour business and marketing seminar Friday, which will provide 100 weapons suitable for use in the current difficult advertising environment. He will reveal the tactics and secrets of guerrilla marketing, truths about online marketing, along with steps to succeed and save money in a guerrilla marketing campaign.

Levinson is the author of the best-selling Guerilla Marketing series as well as 24 other business books. He taught guerrilla marketing for 10 years at the extension division of the University of California at Berkeley. He was a senior vice president at J. Walter Thompson and creative director of Leo Burnett Advertising in Europe. He writes a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine, articles for Inc. Magazine, and syndicated columns for newspapers, magazines and online sites.

Alice Kemper, president of Sales Training Consultants, Inc., has been training media salespeople for 18 years. Her company has worked with 13 of the top 20 U.S. newspaper companies. Times Shamrock’s Baltimore City Paper and Metro Times are among her recent clients.

She will present two three-hour seminars entitled “Powerful Partnering” and “The Power of Personality-Style Selling: It’s an Inside Job!”

The partnering seminar focuses on how to become a player in your clients’ decision-making processes and become a true marketing consultant to them. The personality seminar introduces four unique personality styles, how to identity them and most important, how to sell to them.

In addition to these featured speakers, AAN members plan to moderate seminars and panels on market research, automotive sales, electronic production and event marketing.

AAN Executive Director Richard Karpel is the Friday luncheon speaker. He will introduce AAN’s new marketing initiative, which will include messages and materials developed by the marketing firm Abrials and Partners.

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