AdPerfect Partners With Pre1 Software

AdPerfect, industry-leading advertising platform for media publishers, announced its
partnership with Pre1 Software, a full-service front-end classified system. The Pre1
and AdPerfect partnership offers their mutual customers free and sophisticated
integration of Pre1’s SmartPublisher with AdPerfect’s Classified Advertising Solution.

“Pre1 Software is proud to have integrated our front-end system, SmartPublisher,
with AdPerfect’s revolutionary Classified Advertising Solution. This integration easily
and effectively creates an automated method for publications to transfer graphically
complex ads placed online to print and vice versa,” explains Mark Jockin, President
of Pre1 Software.

Print ads created in the AdPerfect system through its call center and online self-serve
applications are exported automatically upon approval and delivered to Pre1. “This
transfer of data streamlines publisher workflows and eliminates errors that can occur
with manual re-key” said Steve Kump, AdPerfect President & CTO.

With support for both traditional classified liner and larger format display ads, this
allows even the most complex ads placed via the AdPerfect platform to be accepted
into Pre1’s SmartPublisher front-end system.

“To offer our clients a revenue-generating, cost-effective, and innovative platform,
AdPerfect continues to source best-in-class partners like Pre1 Software. Through
such partnerships we’re able to offer rapid feature enhancements to our already
feature-rich platform,” said Kump.

“The AdPerfect SmartPublisher integration is the most comprehensive we’ve
developed to date,” said Jockin. “AdPerfect elegantly delivers a powerful tool set to
publishers that allows them to take back revenue from competing online ad systems
while simultaneously opening new revenue sources.”

About AdPerfect:
AdPerfect offers comprehensive and configurable, web-based advertising solutions
designed to achieve maximum revenue for media publishers while reducing costs
and simplifying workflows. AdPerfect’s flagship solution, its Classified Advertising
Solution, is a self-serve order entry for contract and private-party ad placement of
print & online liner and display ads, online marketplace, and call center application.
With mobile & social integration, Classified Advertising Solution is the leading digital
platform for classifieds.

AdPerfect’s flexible solutions are used by close to 1000 media publishers across
North America, the UK, and Australia. Some customers include The McClatchy
Company, Halifax Media Holdings (formerly The New York Times Regional Media
Group), Metro News, Postmedia Network, and New York Daily News.

About Pre1:
Pre1 Software products bring contact management (CRM) selling, ad scheduling,
billing, collection tools, print and web production together in one system. Whether
publishers need one workstation or 250, whether you use Macintosh or Windows
computers, SmartPublisher offers powerful yet easy to use solutions to increase
revenues while saving time and money.

AdPerfect Contact:
Christine Hamann
Marketing Manager

Pre1 Contact:
Mark Jockin