Agenda Available for AAN’s Annual Meeting

The association’s Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, June 7, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. A PDF copy of the notice and agenda for the meeting, along with a proxy form, is available here.

During the meeting, there will be an election to fill ten seats on the Board of Directors. If you or anyone else from your company have an interest in running for the Board, feel free to discuss it with AAN executive director Richard Karpel before the meeting.

If you do not plan to attend the meeting, you may transfer your right to vote by contacting Richard Karpel by email, or by completing the proxy assignment and returning it per the instructions on the form. You do not need to assign a proxy for a member of your paper’s staff to vote on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email Richard Karpel at 202-289-8484 and rkarpel (at)

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